Despite being a small country barely the size of Northern Ireland, Montenegro boasts of national parks, mountains, beaches, night life, history and Orthodox monasteries.

Montenegro attracted two million visitors in 2018, many of whom set out from Dubrovnik, the popular walled city on the southern coast of Croatia, about an hour’s drive from the border.
Interestingly, the imposing mountains along its coast inspired 15th-century Venetians to name it Monte Negro, or ‘Black Mountain’. Apparently, the pine forests on these mountains were so dense that from far away they looked black!

Bridge at Pluzine Durmitor National Park Montenegro
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Tourism is not exactly new here as in the 1970s, celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren, spent their holidays at Sveti Stefan, a peninsular village-turned-luxury-resort still sought after by the rich and famous. In fact, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic was married here in 2014!

Tara River Canyon

This is Europe’s biggest canyon at 1,300 metres deep, inaccessible except by rafters, for whom this is heaven on earth! Located within the Durmitor National Park, this magnificent canyon offers its best views from the river but for those who prefer to stay dry, the best viewpoint is a bridge crossing the foaming water below.

Durmitor National Park Montenegro
Durmitor National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Durmitor National Park is pure paradise as it is interspersed with emerald-green glacial lakes, ancient black pine forests and plunging river gorges (including the Tara River Canyon). Apart from incredible whitewater rafting, this park is also a haven with zip-lining, canyoneering, and jeep safari enthusiasts.


Kotor looks just like a mini-Dubrovnik with awe-inspiring views over Kotor Bay. The town is situated between the majestic Mount Lovćen and the glistening Adriatic so visitors can make the best of both worlds, lazy around on the beach or escape into the mountains for hiking. And inside the walled Old Town, one can wander around an impressive selection of charming alleyways and medieval structures.

Kotor Montenegro

Founded by the Greeks in the fourth century BC and fortified during the Middle Ages, Budva forms the heart of the Budva Riviera, which is dotted with a series of beautiful sand and pebble beaches that are ideal for sunbathing. However, if one doesn’t fancy too much sun, one can always explore the splendid churches and palaces found throughout the city, as well as its many viewpoints, particularly the square in front of Santa Maria del Punta Church, which offers breathtaking views over the coast.

Sveti Stefan

Connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, this magnificent fortified island village is the most photogenic place on the Montenegrin coast with its cobbled streets, medieval red-tiled rooftops and pink-sand beaches. From here, one can also go on a boating excursion to discover the various inlets and seaside wonders that make up this part of the Adriatic coast.

National park Lake Skadar Montenegro
Lake Skadar

This fresh water lake and national park is the Mediterranean’s largest with crystal-clear water, towering mountain peaks and gorgeous meadows. It is also one of the best places in Europe for birdwatchers and for those wanting to cool off during the hot summer. Peaceful and deep, Lake Skadar is indeed a paradise for nature lovers and is the perfect place to have a good snack downed with a sip or more of wine!

Ostrog Monastery

Dramatically carved in a cliff, this monastery is the most visited Orthodox shrine in Europe. It is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog who oversaw its construction and was later buried there. The monastery is in fact made up of two main monasteries: the main upper monastery and the lower monastery with a steep, winding road connecting the two. Today, the lower monastery is centred around the Holy Trinity Church, behind which is a natural spring where one can quench his or her thirst with deliciously cold water and potentially benefit from an internal blessing too!


Despite having only one street, Perast boasts of 16 churches and 17 palaces! However, what Perast lacks in size is easily made up by romance and beauty, not to mention its most famous landmarks, the two enchanting islands in the bay: Saint George and Our Lady of the Rocks.