Blue Lagoon

The tiny island of Comino, measuring a mere 3.5 square kilometres in area, lies between the islands of Malta and Gozo. Comino was inhabited during Roman times but has for long periods in its history been abandoned entirely due to its remoteness and lack of resources. Also due to its remoteness, Comino used to house an isolation hospital during the French occupation of Malta. Comino is famous for its beautiful Blue Lagoon with its sparkling bright blue crystalline waters, white sandy sea bed and rich marine life. Spend the day here sunbathing and swimming or go ashore and explore the island’s nooks and crannies.

Blue Lagoon Comino
Saint Mary’s Tower Comino
Saint Mary’s Tower

The most visible building on the island is Saint Mary’s Tower, erected in 1416 as an early warning outpost against marauders such as pirates, smugglers and hostile Ottoman forces. It is just a short 30-minute walk from the Blue Lagoon and is located on the highest point of Comino from where one can enjoy an outstanding view of the island and beyond. On the island, there is also a small church dedicated to the Return of Our Lady from Egypt. It was built in 1618 but has been restored several times since then. A 12th-century navigational map at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich shows a church where the present one stands!

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