Our Services

Arrigo Group’s reputation for service and efficiency is well known both locally and internationally. We offer excellent transfers service whilst our Representatives at the Airport may assist you on your arrival and departure.

Accommodation in Malta is our speciality, and booking with us will ensure a smooth start to your holiday. We also offer the service of our Representatives that may visit you during your stay and welcome you with a brief introduction to our island if this should be your first visit to Malta. We can also attend to any particular requests you might have such as excursions, car hire, shows and also some fine tips for some nice dining experiences.

We guarantee that you will be well looked after from even before your arrival and throughout your stay.

Aerial view of Riveria Bay, Malta at sunset
Why Arrigo Group?

We can take care of all the arrangements for your group’s travel and stay, including getting the best deals on air fares and hotels for your events, event planning and coordinating your group’s activities, personalized travel services for all members of your group, air ticket booking, hotel reservations and car rentals, dedicated customer care service & corporate relationship management.

We can also design bespoke products and services to meet any special individual needs. The range of service is wide from meetings and events, gala dinner, travel tour & so much more!