Why Malta?

The Maltese Islands have played host as a meeting destination for thousands of years ever since the shipwreck of St Paul! Whatever the size of the meeting or conference, Malta has the experience and the venues. In fact, the Maltese Islands offer a variety of historic castles, palaces and forts as function venues or, if one’s tastes are different, theme parks, village squares, luxury yachts, exclusive seafront locations and of course state-of-the-art conference hotels. The Maltese Islands are not only a place to meet but also the perfect location in which to do business since one can be on the Islands in under three hours from practically any European country. The Maltese Islands are serviced by an extensive network of international flight connections and under three hours flying time from major European gateways. The Islands’ small size also means that transfer times are kept to a minimum (typically just 25 minutes).

Why Arrigo Group?

We can take care of all the arrangements for your group’s travel and stay, including getting the best deals on air fares and hotels for your events, event planning and coordinating your group’s activities, personalized travel services for all members of your group, air ticket booking, hotel reservations and car rentals, dedicated customer care service & corporate relationship management.

We can also design bespoke products and services to meet any special individual needs. The range of service is wide from meetings and events, gala dinner, travel tour & so much more!

The Palace Hotel Conference Room